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Team Members

Professor Vinicius Draculino MagalhaesVinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes

5th Degree Black Belt

Professor Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes is the head instructor of Gracie Barra Texas and Gracie Barra – BH Schools (more info about GBBH at Prof. Draculino‘s personality, enthusiasm, integrity, charisma and leadership make the essence of GB Texas and GBBH and touch all those around him. A great competition background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and MMA qualifies him as one of the best featherweight competitors in BJJ history. He holds many titles such as: a 4-time Pan American Champion, 1 time no gi pan American champion- 2008, 2 Times Brazilian national champion, 2 Times Silver medalist at the world BJJ championships, MMA lightweight champion in Brazil, Strike Force Feather weight Winner and Abu-Dhabi veteran. Besides these titles held as a competitor and fighter, Professor Vinicius is considered one of the best instructors in the BJJ world. Among his students, you will find world champions, Pan Ams, national BJJ champions, more than 100 Black Belts, MMA and Grappling champions spread all over the World. Professor Vinicius is also a Lawyer in Brazil and graduated from the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio De Janeiro) which is one of the top three Law schools in the country. Recently, Professor Draculino launched a BJJ training website with online classes where people can access great techniques and class schedules for any computer or IPhone.
With more than 20 years of teaching experience, he is a primary example of a man who is fully dedicating his life to his children, his wife, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Barra and its members. “I joined GB because some of my childhood friends were training there and I saw how confident, fit and brave they became.,” Draculino said. “The family atmosphere of the school was at is amazing. I have my blood family and my Gracie Barra family!


111profbrandonBrandon “Wolverine” Mullins

3nd Degree Black Belt

Professor Brandon ” Wolverine” Mullins has his nickname for good reason: He has the discipline and the will of a Samurai and the tenacity of a Wolverine. As an example of his dedication, Professor Brandon has hundreds of titles in his career in Gi BJJ, Judo, Wrestling and NOGI Jiu-Jitsu. He is the first American and the only Texan to win the IBJJF World NoGI championships two times. Professor Brandon is by far the most accomplished Texan BJJ competitor in history, and is always sharing his knowledge at the mats of Gracie Barra Texas daily, from Sunday to Sunday. With a very direct and honest personality, he is one of the reasons why the competition team of GBTX is number one in the state.

Major Accomplishments at Black belt:

  • 2014 World Masters Champion (IBJJF)
  • 2013 European Champion (IBJJF)
  • 2011 No-Gi World Champion (IBJJF)
  • 2010 No-Gi World Champion (IBJJF)
  • 2010 U.S. Open Champion
  • 2009 No-Gi Pan American Champion (IBJJF)
  • 3x Texas State Champion


Jonathan “Hulk” Harris

Professional MMA record: 10-6

Professional Muay Thai record: 1-0

Meet Jonathan Harris, our Head Muay Thai instructor under Arjarn Phil Nurse, owner and operator of The Wat Temple. With a professional MMA record of 10-6, and a Pro Muay Thai record of 1-0, Jonathan holds impressive titles such as “fastest K.O. for Legacy FC” (5 seconds via knee) and “fastest K.O. in Texas” (3 seconds via punches). Jonathan has been coaching for over 10 years and is also a NASM certified personal trainer for 12.5 years.

Jonathan teaches the majority of our Adult Muay Thai and  Juniors Muay Thai classes. He has been training in all the disciplines that compose MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) since 2006. While Jonathan is a monster and a true “HULK” in the cage and one of the hardest workers you will meet, outside the cage he is the nicest person you will talk to, an awesome instructor with the children,  loyal to the end and a very energetic and uplifting coach.

“The reason I joined Gracie Barra is because I wanted to be a part of the best martial arts team in the world!”

Igor Magalhaes

Brown Belt

Meet Igor Magalhaes, one of our Kid’s assistant coaches. Igor is a brown belt and the son of Master Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes, with whom he has been training Jiu-Jitsu for over 17 years. “Gracie Barra has been a part of my life since I was born,” Igor said. “They have helped me develop into the man I am today. Everyone that steps into the mat becomes a family that trains, sweats and gets better together.” Igor is currently pursuing a degree from the University of Texas.





Roberto Rivas

Black Belt

Professional Jiu Jitsu record – 2-0

IBJJF Houston Open Brown Belt Champion – 2017

IBJJF Houston Open Black Belt Bronze – 2018

Meet Roberto Rivas, our Head Kid’s and Teen’s Instructor and a Program Director.  You might have seen him in the office, behind the front desk or answering phone calls, but Berto has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 9 years and Muay Thai/Boxing for almost as long. He first fell in love with the sport through a college club, but soon took matters into his own hands and decided to get serious about his Jiu Jitsu journey aside his little brother Ricky. “When I started looking up BJJ schools in my area, Draculino kept popping up and he had some really cool videos that I picked up on as well,” Berto said. “After doing some research, I was surprised that such an incredible wealth of knowledge was in Webster, Texas. Signing up to be a member of Gracie Barra Texas was the best decision of my life. I love having the professors I have and belonging to such a wonderful community.”





Ricky “Ricardo” Rivas

Brown Belt

Professional Jiu Jitsu record – 2-0

Amateur MMA Record: 2-1

IBJJF Nogi Pan American Bronze – 2017

IBJJF Nogi Pan American Bronze – 2016

Meet Ricky Rivas, a Program Director as well as one of our Kid’s/Teens BJJ and Muay Thai coaches. Ricky has been an athlete throughout his entire life, competing as a swimmer and eventually as an amateur MMA fighter. His journey with Gracie Barra started with the incentive of his older brother Roberto Rivas. The siblings started training at a local college club almost 10 years ago, but quickly noticed that with the help of Prof Draculino and the Gracie barra family, their skills could be vastly improved. ” My favorite part about Gracie Barra Texas are the different and interesting people that give the gym charisma,” Ricky said. “The instructors and students are truly one of a kind, making the gym one of a kind as well.”




12742045_1002536673145884_937194075104900558_nIsai Cabrera

Black Belt

Amateur MMA Record: 3-0

Meet Isai Cabrera, one of our receptionists and Kids’ and Teens’ assistant coach. Isai has been a member of Gracie Barra Texas for over 7 years, where he attained a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and many competition accomplishments. Aside from multiple local wins, Isai is a two time Houston Open Champion, an American Nationals Runner Up and an undefeated MMA fighter. Some of the highlights of his MMA career include victories in the Legacy Fighting Championship, Vengeance Fighting Alliance and Cage Combat. “I joined Gracie Barra to compete in MMA, with no knowledge of what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu really was,” Isai said. “I ended up really enjoying the sport and the atmosphere our team has. I love the closeness of our members and how we help open doors for each other to succeed on and off the mats.”

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