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GBTX Youth Muay Thai at YDL

– By Roberto Rivas

It would be an understatement to say the growth of Muay Thai kickboxing has exploded in recent years. The incredibly dynamic, and effective art of the 8 limbs has been a favorite striking art among the worlds best MMA fighters. Called the art of 8 limbs because it uses powerful punches, kicks, knee, and elbow strikes as well as up close striking from the clinch position. With the addition of Muay Thai to the Olympic Games in 2028 the martial arts world, especially here in Texas, is starting to take notice.

This past weekend was a busy one for our young Nak Muays (Muay Thai fighters). The Gracie Barra Texas youth Muay Thai team traveled to participate in the Youth Development League taking place in Richardson,TX.  The YDL is a great way for young athletes training Muay Thai kickboxing to gain experience and learn to compete in an Olympic style rules and scoring. Athletes wear full protective body and head gear and there are no knockouts rules, and no head contact.

Even though there were some early jitters, which are normal, all of our students did great. There were even some crowd pleasing combinations and spinning kicks landed by our athletes. Everyone who competed is looking forward to competing again, and improving their skill. Now with even greater conviction. It was a fantastic event, we look forward to the next one and would recommend it to anyone looking for safe Muay Thai competition for children.


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