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Decade of Dominance : Gracie Barra rules the city of Houston.

– By Ricardo Rivas

For the world of martial arts, the early 2000s was a decade of growth and recognition. The UFC was gaining popularity and with that came the expansion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United States. In 2008 Professor Draculino opened up the first Gracie Barra in Texas. By 2010 the IBJJF picked Houston to host the first ever IBJJF international open tournament, in which Gracie Barra took home the first-place trophy. Over the years many new schools have emerged in and around the state of Texas and thus the tournament grew. However, Gracie Barra would still continue to prevail and win year after year. It is now 2019 and we are champions for the tenth year in a row. There has not been another team winner other than Gracie Barra. Many of the students from other gyms go on to compete in the Houston Open but the team trophy stays in the house that Professor Draculino built. These are Professor’s own words over the ten year dynasty:

“Thank you GOD for giving me the blessing of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Something built with lots of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, honesty, loyalty and integrity. Not built by me, but by all the students, athletes, professors, parents and team members from Gracie Barra in Texas. Yesterday the team got the unprecedented 10th title on the biggest open @ibjjf tournament in North America, the Houston Open. Besides that, today Gracie Barra Texas, the original GB school in the state, celebrates 11 years of existence. I cannot thank enough our community. Too many people to thank and I don’t want to forget names. But you know who you are. Let’s keep looking for a bright future with positivity and warrior spirit. Oss!! “


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