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Professor Draculino recieves his 5th degree on the black belt

“Fifth Dan on the Black Belt. After nearly 20 years as a BB, I have the honor of getting my new graduation through the hands of my Master Carlos Gracie Jr. Many people are essential part of that accomplishment but I thank first and foremost GOD, my family Monica, Jade Magalhaes, Igor Magalhaes, Mom Ana Hertz, Dad.My Master and Professors over the years ( Jean Jacques Machado, Renzo Gracie, Roberto Correa de Lima and Toti Jordan Pitoco) All my students and brothers from Rio, BH, Texas and all over the World. All from Gracie Barra and it’s family. I’m blessed and lucky to live the GB BJJ life style and to have health and happiness. OSS!” – Vinicius Draculino MagalhaesScreenshot_2014-06-04-18-53-05

 Above is Professor Draculino with his son Igor and Master Carlos Gracie Jr

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