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Keeping the Legacy Alive

                         Legacy: that is what all of us try, or at least should try, to keep going. In my case, it goes all the way back from Grand Master Carlos, Helio, Rolls and then my Master Carlos Gracie. I just try to honorably follow their path and thank GOD, the results keep happening. Claudio Caloquinha , Augusto Tio Chico, Cássio Francis Da Silva and Felipe Carsalade Pena dominated the Black Belt adult division at the Brazilian Nationals 2014. At the Las Vegas International Open Gracie Barra got the team title with my students John Hammon, Tyler Bosard, Jordan Burton III and Brandon Mullins all getting medals. And here in Houston, tons of kids and adults also got medals. I did not invent anything,  I’m not like one or two idiots out there, that keep saying to naive blue and purple belts that they know better, I just try to do what my ancestors in the art did.
-Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes
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