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Drill Drill Drill!!!


One of the most important and often most neglected aspect of training Brazilian jiu jitsu is drilling. Repeating techniques over and over again to build muscle memory. People love to live train, and it is important but drilling can be the difference between bad and good jiu jitsu, between ok jiu jitsu and awesome jiu jitsu. It can be the difference between finishing that triangle choke or letting the guy escape, it will give you confidence in your game. Even Prof. Draculino, with 20+ years of experience, still sees the importance of drilling, as you can see in the photo above. We have 2 classes a week where we focus at least 30 minutes to drilling a series of techniques. It is the Wednesday night Advanced class and the Thursday morning Adult All Levels class. The series of techniques drilled in these classes stay the same for long periods of time to ensure technical proficiency of those techniques. If you could only make it to 1 class a week, THIS would be it!


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