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“I'm so glad there is such a strong team here in this area where I can go to stay in shape, learn BJJ from world class professors and competitors. The school is a little crowded because of how popular it is, but it's worth it to have such a variety of training partners. I don't have kids but the kids classes are also fantastic. The kiddos look really cute in their uniforms and they're incredibly technical! Overall, this is an incredible martial arts organization. I've never regretted attending a class.”

Janey-Ali Rizvi

“Great place to train. Very good training environment for kids as well.”

Dewon Holmes

“Every class I have attended (both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu) have been AMAZING! Not only do I learn a great deal, but I also have fun every time I go. The whole Gracie Barra staff is awesome, and the more educated students in class help out when I am confused or need a small suggestion. It is a one of a kind place, and I am happy to be a student here!”

Candice Moore

“One of the friendliest Jiu Jitsu schools ive had the pleasure of being at. The competition & team mindset is incredible.”

Jamie Boytor

“You get the best when your around all that are the best! #teamdrac”

Natalie Kawaja

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