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“Best place to train hands down. Professor Draculino, professor Brandon, and everyone else are going to treat you like family the second you walk in the door. The training is world class, if you are in the area it would be a shame not to train here. Do yourself a favor and take the free intro class, there is nothing to worry about, you are in good hands.Stefan”

Stefan Barudzija

“I began my BJJ journey here in 2009 and due to issues outside of my control it stopped for a very long time. I recently began training again full time a year ago, and a move close to GB Texas made the decision a no brainer to re join and continue my journey under Professor Draculino and Professor Brandon and all the coaches. Everyone has been more than welcoming and the facility and training has been top notch. You won't find better Professors and Coaches to train under in the Houston area than you will at GB Texas.”

Ryan McGuire

“I only went for a free class bit that one experience was great plan on attensing the classes as soon as I can. Even though they only met me that forst time they made me feel right at home.”

Elias Lopez

“I highly recommend training here if you're looking for a workout, improve your striking (I only took classes in striking & Muay Thai), or looking to be part of a community. Coach Jonathan, Roberto, and Ricky are great at meeting your needs and challenging you within each class. All 3 coaches respect your reason for joining and certainly accommodate to those reasons. In addition members are invited to every tournament/match/smoker that others are participating in giving you that sense of community. The facility is cleaned every day and equipment is provided until you obtain your own. I had to leave because I accepted employment outside the state but I truly enjoyed my time here and would come back given the chance.”

Pierre Avila

“This place is the best place iv been the coaches are really helpful and are not mean I would recommend other people to this place so anybody who wants to come here to do bjj or mauy Thai or any other this is the place to come they will help you if u have trouble I am not scared of getting picked on bc I know self defense coach Jonathan is the best coach he gives kinda challenging type but he is hardcore”


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